EdgeBack/RakeBack Deal & Promotions

Games: Dice, Plinko, Slots, Roulette, Bitspin
Coins: Bitcoin
Multi-accounts Yes

Instructions for your registration at Bitvest

1. Delete your cookies

You have to clear your cookies before you can proceed with your registration. Because if you have visited this dice site or even just clicked on a banner of it on another site, cookies would have been saved on your computer. This will prevent the proper tracking of your new account.
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2. Register your Account

Just visit Bitvest and make an account as usual.

3. Have fun and Play!

You don't need to send us a message about confirmation, unless you want to be sure everything is properly tracked.
Accounts are tracked automatically.
If you have any questions, you could contact us a by PM @, write in our Topic, use our Contact Us page or write us at
Now Play and EARN!

4. Our current promotions with

Promotion How to get it
7% rakeback from House Edge * Open to all *
You are getting the EdgeBack/RakeBack automatically when you register an account through us. Just follow the registration instructions above.
+ 20,000 Satoshi free * Open to all *
1. Register and account thought us, following the instructions above.
2a. Claim your 20,000 Satoshi at our Bitcointalk Giveaway Topic
2b. If you are not Bitcointalk member, you could claim it at our Facebook Page by like it and then post here.

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Coinback calculator!

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