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Games: Dice
Coins: Bitcoin, LTC, DOGE
Multi-accounts No allow only one account. 2 may be tolerated but you still can claim your bonus only once! Don't do bonus abuse.

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1. Delete your cookies

You have to clear your cookies before you can proceed with your registration. Because if you have visited this dice site or even just clicked on a banner of it on another site, cookies would have been saved on your computer. This will prevent the proper tracking of your new account.
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2. Register your Account

Just visit and make an account as usual.

3. Send us a message

We need to confirm your account is properly tracked and you will get your EdgeBack!
Send us a message by PM @, write in our Topic, Contact Us page or write us at
After that - just Play and EARN!

4. Our current promotions with

Promotion How to get it
15% rakeback from House Edge * Open to all *
You are getting the EdgeBack/RakeBack automatically when you register an account through us. Just follow the registration instructions above.
+ 20,000 Satoshi free * Open to all *
1. Register and account thought us, following the instructions above.
2a. Claim your 20,000 Satoshi at our Bitcointalk Giveaway Topic
2b. If you are not Bitcointalk member, you could claim it at our Facebook Page by like it and then post here.
+ Bet ID Hunt: your bet x100, up to 0.10BTC * Open to all *
1. Register and account thought us, following the instructions above.
2. Play and hit certain BET ID numbers and get your bet x100, up to 0.10BTC
More info and terms at our Bet ID Hunt Topic
+ 3000 DOGE free * New players only! Bitcointalk account needed! *
1. Register and account thought us, following the instructions above.
2. Claim your free 3000 DOGE at Bitcointalk Giveaway Topic
+ 120% Deposit Bonus

+ 50% Reload Bonus
* New players only! Don't do bonus abuse! *
1. Register and account thought us, following the instructions above.
2. Play and Earn! Rules:
Minimum deposit amount: 0.01 BTC; 1 LTC; 10,000 DOGE.
Maximum bonus amount: 2 BTC; 200 LTC, 2,000,000 DOGE.
To claim bonus your balance must be greater or equal to deposit amount.
Your Bonus must be wagered 55x to became a part of your balance.
Your Balance will be locked while bonus is active. You can cancel bonus at any time.
Wagering contribution is 50% from bet amount.
Reload Bonus can be claimed only twice per day.

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Our Review

One of the most colorful dice platforms out there! Capable of providing an engaging and interesting experience across the spectrum of devices, because it's fully optimized for both PC and mobile users. The EdgeBack service has been can be used to provide you with rakeback against the house edge, and help you supplement your gaming with extra income. EdgeBack requires you to clear your cookies and create a new account before it can be activated. features two different color schemes which you can choose. When you sign up, the "day" color scheme is activated, but if you prefer a darker layout, you can easily switch to "night" mode by clicking the icon in the top right corner.

Available Games

It is quite obvious once you take a look at the name that the only available game on is dice. We will skip explaining how to play the game, as this website has a compelling tutorial screen that is activated when you initially sign up. It goes through all of the features about the Dice game, as well as some unique elements this website offers, some of which we will cover below.


Unlike most websites, has a wider spectrum of support for cryptocurrency, as they allow deposits to be made in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. Additionally, you can pay through a service called, and this allows you to pay for anything by transforming it into Bitcoin. Using allows you to deposit with 35 different cryptocurrencies! The minimum deposits are limited to 0.01 BTC, 1 LTC, and 10000 DOGE.


As always, withdrawing is very simple and effective. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 0.001 BTC. The transaction fee is subtracted from your withdrawal amount, and it costs 0.0002. This fee is a fixed value that you cannot change, but it guarantees a fast transaction confirmation. You can withdraw in any one of the three supported currencies.
EdgeBack is paid out directly to your account on the website, and the only thing you need to do to receive your rakeback is to play the game.

Provably Fair Technology

As this is the industry standard, all of the casinos and platforms that are using the EdgeBack service will undoubtedly incorporate a provably fair algorithm that ensures compliance and disables any necessity for trust in a gaming platform. By properly incorporating this technology, is guaranteed to have completely randomized outcomes for each and every one of their dice rolls.


We strongly believe that our service is a benefit to players and that casinos or gaming platforms offering our service can enable players to enjoy better long-term results. EdgeBack allows players to profit from all wagers that they make, and regardless of whether they win or lose they will receive rakeback. EdgeBack opens up different types of strategies, such as playing smaller bets over a longer period will ensure the maximum amount of EdgeBack profits for your account.

Safety Features

You can activate plenty of different security options associated with your account on, and the most important one to mention is 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), which is a feature that allows you to add another security layer (beyond your password) to your account. Activating this is a perfect way increase the security of your account, and it is highly recommended.

Social Platform has a really interesting chat implementation that offers you the possibility to chat across different language-based rooms, as well as utilize hundreds of different emoticons. Beyond the chat, one unique feature sets it apart from other dice sites. They have implemented a "Luck Meter" which is a feature that will tell you how many bets you've made, how many times you've won and lost, as well as calculate a luck percentage, describing how lucky you are.
Additional socially enticing elements are the various offers such as 120% First Deposit Bonus, 50% Reload Bonus, Signup Bonus and the Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dogecoin faucet system that allows you to try out the game before making a deposit. Offers are constantly improved, and they don't last forever, so if you see something that you like, make use of it!

Summary stands out with its impeccable design to produce engaging gambling experiences for players all across the world. Decent amounts of deposit options, a chat system (with rain capabilities), a faucet and various offers are available to all players. The dice game is provable and fair, as well as really interesting. It is the biggest game in the crypto gambling industry.
Now with EdgeBack capabilities, the rakeback allows for the long-term potential for players to be improved, enabling you to mitigate some of the risk associated with gambling activities. This is a major benefit for both risk takers and calculated gamblers, as it enables the player a unique opportunity to earn on each and every wager.

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