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4. Our current promotions with

Promotion How to get it
18% rakeback from House Edge * Open to all *
You are getting the EdgeBack/RakeBack automatically when you register an account through us. Just follow the registration instructions above.
+ 20,000 Satoshi free * Open to all *
1. Register and account thought us, following the instructions above.
2a. Claim your 20,000 Satoshi at our Bitcointalk Giveaway Topic
2b. If you are not Bitcointalk member, you could claim it at our Facebook Page by like it and then post here.
+ Bet ID Hunt: your bet x100, up to 0.10BTC * Open to all *
1. Register and account thought us, following the instructions above.
2. Play and hit certain BET ID numbers and get your bet x100, up to 0.10BTC
More info and terms at our Bet ID Hunt Topic

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Our Review

Our collaboration with extends the realization that this website cares about their players. EdgeBack works to give money back to the players, regardless if they've won or lost. With the house edge being fixed to 1%, you are getting the biggest rakeback possible by playing on this website with your EdgeBack account.
This web-based dice platform features a great design, color scheme and it is well optimized for mobile devices. We've tested it, and it performed admirably on both Android and iPhone devices. It features a deep purple/red/green color scheme which is pleasant for the eyes. Speaking of design, you get to choose whether you want to see the rolls simulated, but if you prefer high-speed action, you can opt in to have them appear on the screen instantly. It's up to you to choose how fast the game will be. Regardless of what you choose, it is an interesting feature that isn't often seen on these websites.

Available Games says it all. This website is the king of only one game, Dice.
There are no other games that you can play here, which for some may represent unfortunate news, but for others, a priceless experience, as their favorite game is precisely what they are going to find here. There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with Dice. You get to choose your odds, it is provably fair, and you can automate your betting using the available option.
The strong focus on Dice is not to be trifled with, as this game is the number one reason for thousands of transactions every day.


Deposits are simplified for both PC and mobile users, with the deposit screen showing both an address and a QR code. The only type of currency accepted at the moment is Bitcoin. There is no explicit value presented on the website as a minimum deposit, but we know for a fact that the minimum bet you can place is 100 satoshi.
A faucet system is in place to provide you with some free action, or simply a way to test out their system. Every use of the faucet system will net you 500 satoshi, and you can take it every 120 seconds. Currently, it is unclear whether the faucet has any limit, so maybe it's a good idea to take use of this opportunity, especially if you are looking for a lucky break.


Withdrawing is streamlined, allowing a minimum amount of 0.001 BTC to be withdrawn at any time and a fixed transaction fee of 0.0002 which is quite affordable. The process is simple, and your money is back in your wallet in no time!

Provably Fair Technology offers a provable and safe environment for betting. The implementation of a Provably Fair Algorithm has been wide-spread as the industry's standard. There is no conceivable notion of a successful casino or betting platform operating without one of these. Gaming at is completely randomized, and the casino's software has no effect on the outcome of any particular roll.
If you need more information about their algorithm, you can click on the corresponding button, right below the betting options. Additionally, you can consult with the moderators through the chat feature.


As we've said before, using EdgeBack is one surefire way to increase your long-term potential, as both wins and losses add up to provide your account with a rakeback every second Monday. EdgeBack is the number one method for casinos to differentiate themselves from their competition, as it not only allows for more players to join the fun but it also clearly demonstrates that the platform truly cares about the players.

Social Platform

While inherently simple, the social platform for is pretty interesting. Once you enter the main area of the website, you can instantly notice the chat popping up on the bottom left.
The only loyalty program currently available is the monthly wager contest, which gives up to 1.1 BTC to the top three players that have placed the highest wagers overall. A staggering 0.80 BTC prize for the winner, as this is surely a prize worth competing for.
The chat is filled with friendly people, and the mods are readily available to answer any question you may have about the platform.


All in all, is a great platform, although we expect it to improve in the future, some of the necessary information is not clearly presented on their website, but other than visual the aspects everything is in pristine condition. Now with the EdgeBack implementation on their website to give players the very important rakeback feature, it should present an even better opportunity for players to roll their dice.
What bothers most players is that gambling tends to be unprofitable in the long-run, but this doesn't have to be the case.
Create a new EdgeBack-supported account and improve your chances long-term!

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