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Games: Dice
Coins: Bitcoin
Multi-accounts Yes

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You have to clear your cookies before you can proceed with your registration. Because if you have visited this dice site or even just clicked on a banner of it on another site, cookies would have been saved on your computer. This will prevent the proper tracking of your new account.
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2. Register your Account

Just visit YOLOdice and make an account as usual.

3. Have fun and Play!

You don't need to send us a message about confirmation, unless you wanto to be sure everything is properly tracked.
Accounts are tracked automatically.
If you have any questions, you could contact us a by PM DiceBack.com @ Bitcointalk.org, write in our Bitcointalk.org Topic, use our Contact Us page or write us at info@diceback.com.
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4. Our current promotions with YOLOdice.com

Promotion How to get it
10% rakeback from House Edge * Open to all *
You are getting the EdgeBack/RakeBack automatically when you register an account through us. Just follow the registration instructions above.
+ 20,000 Satoshi free * Open to all *
1. Register and account thought us, following the instructions above.
2a. Claim your 20,000 Satoshi at our Bitcointalk Giveaway Topic
2b. If you are not Bitcointalk member, you could claim it at our Facebook Page by like it and then post here.

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Our YOLOdice.com Review

You only live once, but you can bet plenty! Combined with the introduction of EdgeBack to the list of YOLOdice.com benefits, you can use the rakeback to bet even more! There are many things that make YOLOdice.com stand out, and beyond EdgeBack, the massive amounts of information available on their website, about how the casino works, what their provably fair algorithm is and the attention to detail is impressive. The house edge is a nominal 1%, which is the industry standard for crypto-based gambling providers.
They have all the necessary security features available, such as 2FA, which will ensure complete safety for your account, as long as you don't lose your authentication device.

Available Games

YOLOdice.com offers only Dice on their platform. We like to joke that "you only play dice," but once we take a look at reality, we see that what most of us play, is indeed only dice. This iconic game is the most popular cryptocurrency game created to date. It causes thousands of transactions daily. This is across all casino and dice game providers, but the game stays similar across all platforms. There is something so enticing, that leads players to come back and play this game, time and time again.


The only cryptocurrency supported for depositing on YOLOdice.com is Bitcoin. Without using ShapeShift.io, your ability to deposit with other currencies is quite limited. Bitcoin is popular enough, as it is hard to imagine somebody being interested in cryptocurrencies without a vested interest in Bitcoin as well. Deposits of 0.1 BTC or less can get confirmed instantly, while larger deposits require at least one confirmation before they show up in your balance.


Withdrawing is easy and simple at YOLOdice.com. What is interesting is the industry's lowest minimal withdrawal amount of 0.0001 BTC can be found right here on YOLOdice.com.
You have two options to consider when you want to withdraw, batch or instant. The first one, batch, is cheap and can take a few hours to settle, and it costs 0.0001 BTC. The other one is sent directly to the Bitcoin Network, but it costs 0.0005 BTC. You get to choose whether you want to get your winnings fast, or cheap.

Provably Fair Technology

Every casino or gambling game provider in the crypto ecosystem that wants to prosper will have to play fair and provide a valid and provable way to show players that they are offering a completely randomized game. Having this algorithm implemented on their platform will ensure a trustless relationship with the players. In the case of YOLOdice.com, the documentation on their provably fair algorithm is exhaustive, and you can conveniently find it in the area for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Getting casinos to sign up with our service is no easy business. We need to bring awareness to the owners, what EdgeBack is, how does rakeback work and what are their benefits. Additionally, we need to inform you, the players of the fantastic benefits you can enjoy while playing with an EdgeBack supported account. In reality having an EdgeBack account is like you've invited yourself, through your affiliate link, so you receive your commissions back to yourself, instead to another person, or even worse, nobody. Getting that rakeback will not increase your chances of being profitable by much, but it will certainly help to lower the negative effects the house edge has over your personal bankroll.

Social Platform

Naturally, a chat feature is available on this website, but right now this is exactly what this website is limited to. Although they are taking things slow, they also include the community in the development of the platform, listening and giving attention to feedback from users. They plan on making a level/rank system, a panel that will share promotions, competitions, and giveaways. There are other features they are working on, but you can find out more about this on their Trello board.
One of the developments as a result of this activity is the lowering of the transaction fee to 0.0001 BTC. It's safe to say that the platform has a lot of potential and it is suitable for creative individuals that want to weigh in on the development of a dice platform.


While still at the beginning, the potential for YOLOdice.com to go far is evident. They have a vested interest in what the community wants, thinks and desires. We are expecting to see a lot of interesting features to come to life on this platform, and we will follow them closely and update our review to express any important developments.
Having the EdgeBack service activated on this platform is an easy way to say "We care about our players, and we want to give them the best chance to win.", since the rakeback allows a player to eliminate the natural risks that exist by playing wager games against a house edge.

Coinback calculator!

BTC Wager
Bits Back: Please Select a Site
Crypto-Games.net 22% Details
Rollin.io 18% Details
KingDice.com 18% Details
DuckDice.io 15% Details
YOLOdice.com 10% Details
Bitvest.io 7% Details
CoinMillions.com 6% Details